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Thursday, February 2, 2012 , 4:07 PM

hello. being single? what a awesome day without special boy around me. No drama, No fighting, No crying, No feeling, No confusion, No worries, & No problem. am I right? kan kan. but sometime I cant deny it. I felt so lonely. every person need loves. without love, ur life felt nothing, nothing. hehe. so jiwang  kan aku? biar lah. sekali sekala :p hehehe. hmm hmm sometime i got jelly when i saw some sweet couples tweeting calling loveyou bagaii. hahaha yeah, im jelly? nvm. I still cant breathe without love. but now im so grateful cause I've my besties. They always be with me, everytime, everysecond. aummm sweetnya. loveyou guys. mmuahhh! :* I dont need a fake friends. & seriously memang aku tak layan if ada orang chat aku kat FB. sebab? sebab aku tak suka dapat kawan baru. they're just like errkkk, annoying. *ok im such annoying actually. hehehe. okay aku mmg rarely online fb skrg. nothing interested, but i keep on played it. hehe. if ada pape just cari aku dekat twitter. aku suka tweet tweet. aku suka luah perasaan aku kat situ. followers aku tak suka tgk aku tweet? ok, unfollow aku. aku pun xperlu follower mcm tu. ok ok okeng? hihi. tweety just for fun. not a places to find an enemies, but a new friends. okay babes? :D hihi k my english broken. i dont care. dis's my blog, not yours. hihihi :p kbye hug kiss loves ♥‿♥